Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions

Regardless of the size of the company or operation, every manager's #1 focus lies in utilizing the fleet as efficiently as possible. Due to a competitive market, important issues such as stretching service intervals and lowering operational costs per mile are imperative. At the same time, your fleet must be well-maintained in order to avoid unexpected and costly breakdowns.

Market Applications

Off Road
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Plant Equipment
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Oil level maintenance
  • Tractor Trailer
  • Buses
  • Railroad
Municipal Equipment
  • Sweepers
  • Recyclers
  • Garbage Packers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Snow Plows
  • Sander Trucks
  • Graders
  • Pavers / Road Resurfacers

Greasing Systems

Single Line

Specially developed for transport applications

When the lubrication cycle is started, the grease is drawn from the reservoir and pumped to the injectors, via the main pipe. The injectors simultaneously force a specified quantity of grease through the secondary pipes, to the points to be lubricated. When the pressure in the main pipe reaches a preset value (in bar), the pressure control valve opens, and the grease is no longer pumped into the main pipe, but back into the tank. The pressure control valve maintains the preset pressure in the system, through the entire lubrication cycle.


  • Less maintenance
  • Less wear
  • Lower repair costs
  • Optimum availability of your equipment
  • Greater operating reliability
  • Lessens the need for service work

Twin Line

Specially developed for off-road applications and the industrial and agricultural sector

At the program-controlled interval time, the integrated electronic control unit starts up the plunger pump. This pump builds up a pressure of at least 100 bar (1500 psi) within the system, at which point the pump automatically switches itself off. Via the main pump with its injector units, injector blocks and the secondary pipes, the correct quantity of grease is supplied to the lubrication points.

Once the pump is switched off, the system remains under pressure for a set period. As a result, all injectors have sufficient time to pass on the grease to the bearings (full lubrication effect).


  • Simple to Expand
  • Constant metering under all temperature conditions
  • Wide metering variation
  • Simple and rapid installation
  • Monitors main pipe network with fault indication
  • Diagnostics facility
  • Databse


Specially developed for the tandem trailer market

This is a new and more compact version of the proven Groeneveld System, using the same EP-0 grease.

This new system is easier to install (about 2-1/2 hours) with both timer and injectors contained in the pump housing. No main grease line is needed. It comes with a two kilogram reservoir and an exchangeable, sealed plastic grease cartridge for no-mess refills. It can handle up to 19 grease points (the larger system holds up to eight kilograms of grease for servicing up to 60 grease points). The CompAlube system works off the brake system with adjustable greasing cycles - at every brake application between 10 and 80. The amount of grease pumped per cycle can also be adjusted up to 20 cc. CompAlube works well with EP-0 grease at temperatures as low as -25ºC.


  • Less maintenance
  • Less wear
  • Lower repair costs
  • Optimum availability of your equipment
  • Greater operating reliability


Specially developed for tough operating conditions

Field experience in demolition hammer greasing, important safety features, and high-quality specifications are the basis of the BreakAlube system. All critical parts of BreakAlube can handle the toughest operating conditions, thus warranting high-operational reliability and long-life.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty tempered pump element for long-life
  • Heavy-duty eccentric drive axle bearings
  • Under-pressure and overpressure safety with warning signal
  • Grease reservoir with spring-operated follower plate
  • Low grease and empty reservoir warning
  • Automatic demolition hammer switch-off, to be activated upon request


Specifically developed for special applications such as an independently-operating crane

The Triplus system consists of a single pump with 1 to 3 outputs, on which progressive distribution blocks are mounted. Each output is individually-activated by the control unit. For each output, the interval time and the quantity of grease to be delivered in each cycle can be separately adjusted. The grease delivered to the progressive blocks is spread amongst the lubrication points in a manner determined by the block assembly. For each output, the control unit determines the moment at which lubrication takes place, and monitors the entire process.


  • Simple to expand
  • Three independent grease outputs
  • Constant metering irrespective of temperature or viscosity
  • Wide metering variation
  • Simple and rapid installation
  • Diagnostics facility
  • Database

XS Compact Greasing System

Specifically developed for low maintenance equipment

Even modern vehicles with a reduced number of greasing points need extra greasing service between major services. You can eliminate this costly waste of time with XS, Groeneveld's compact greasing system. XS meets the increasing demand for compact greasing systems for low-maintenance trucks, trailers, forklifts and many other applications. Even if greasing is limited to, for instance, just the king pins or the fifth wheel, CompAlube makes automatic greasing profitable.

XS: Cost-saving benefits

  • quick and easy to install
  • Less wear
  • lower grease consumption
  • less downtime
  • quick return on investment

Twin XL

Especially for larger earth-moving equipment, Groeneveld has introduced the Twin-3 XL. A compact automatic greasing system with higher output and an extra-large grease reservoir. The Twin-3 XL is made from solid coated metal and has a capacity of 18 litres or 20 kilos class 2 grease. Twin-3 XL meets the demand of manufacturers and users of earth-moving and construction equipment to add less grease in the period between the machine’s scheduled maintenance activities.

Additional certainty

Twin-3 XL has a built in control unit which controls the operation of the pump and controls and monitors the progress of the greasing process. The system is also characterised by a display in the cabin, which is used to monitor the system operation. Potential error messages are indicated via a letter and number combination.


Oilmaster replaces the need for manual checking and replenishment of oil between oil changes. This innovative product ensures problem-free oil management, reduced maintenance costs and usage, decreased oil consumption, less downtime, consistent oil quality and lower environmental-impact. Oilmaster is used on combustion engines in the on-highway and off-road sectors as well as stationary equipment.


  • Reduced consumption of driver time
  • Reduced oil consumption due to optimum oil level setting
  • Less downtime for maintenance and repairs
  • Always identical oil quality
  • No spare oil in the vehicle
  • Closed oil management system
  • Less oil needed when changing oil
  • Reduced burden on the environment

Greenlube Grease

GreenLube is the leading grease to ensure excellent performance from your equipment and Automatic Greasing System (AGS).

GreenLube Greases are specifically-designed to be used in all Automatic Greasing Systems for transport and off-road equipment, regardless of climate or application. Groeneveld is so confident of GreenLube's performance, if you use it for your Automatic Greasing System, we will extend the warranty of Groeneveld's AGS.

GreenLube EP-0 Grease

Grease designed for use in all automatic greasing systems.


  • Ensures long-life and water resistance
  • Stable and pumpable to -25 ºC in a Groeneveld AGS
  • Provides EP protection
  • Contains heavy base oil
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Environmentally-friendly (does not contain heavy metals)
  • Ensures dependable delivery of grease
  • Prevents System clogging
  • Exceeds equipment manufacturer's specifications

GreenLube EP-0 Low-Temp Grease

Grease designed for Automatic Greasing Systems used in cold climates.


The benefits of EP-0 Low-Temp grease are the same as EP-0 with the added benefit of being specifically-designed for use in Automatic Greasing Systems on equipment that operates at extremely low temperatures. A Groeneveld Automatic Greasing System with EP-0 Low-Temp will perform reliably and consistently in temperatures to -40 ºC.

GreenLube EP-0, EP-1 and EP-2 Heavy Duty Moly Grease

Grease designed for Automatic Greasing Systems on heavy duty equipment.


  • Benefits severe duty applications such as off-highway, logging and construction equipment
  • Protects bearings against the impact of shock loads and performs in severe working environments (high weight, heat, vibration and dirt)
  • Contains 5% molybdenum-disulphide, an additive that provides a protective barrier against wear; even when grease is depleted
  • Prevents system clogging
  • Contains heavy base oil
  • Meets or exceeds equipment manufacturers' specifications for AGS lubricants

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