Versatile Tractors & Equipment

GKB is proud to bring the Versatile line of agriculture and construction equipment to the eastern Missouri market. Versatile's equipment lineup includes: 4WD and Delta Track tractors, MFWD (row crop) tractors, application equipment, combines, precision seeding, tillage, the V-Pas software solutions and financing options.

4WD Tractors

The Versatile line of four-wheel drives has been developed to meet the demands of the large and mid-scale agricultural operations. Versatile four-wheel drive tractors include the features most requested by farmers with additional options available to customize the tractor for the needs of any farm. Engineered using heavy-duty components, the full line of Versatile four-wheel drive tractors, from 350 to 550 horsepower, feature proven Cummins engines, rugged CAT® powershift transmissions, spacious cab environments and legendary Versatile reliability and serviceability.

4WD Scraper Tractors

Versatile Scraper Special tractors have been designed to enhance profitability by outworking the competition. Using high quality components, Versatile Scraper Special tractors focus on power, durability and reliability - because downtime is not an option. Engineered to be heavy-duty, Versatile Scraper Special tractors feature Cummins engines and rugged Caterpillar transmissions. Comfortable for long working days, the Versatile line of Scraper Special tractors in both 4WD and DeltaTrack configurations are designed to pull more than just pans and are a valuable tool for any job site.

Delta Track

The Versatile DeltaTrack is a fully integrated purpose-built four track system from Versatile. The DeltaTrack is built using the most advanced track design in the agriculture industry. Available in three models 450DT, 500DT and 550DT, the DeltaTrack exceeds the performance and durability of existing track systems. The track systems uses the proven Versatile outboard planetary system to maximize power to the ground. Four independent tracks maintain balance and provide constant contact with the ground. Designed to maintain a comfortable working environment for extended periods, and provide heavy duty power for agricultural operations, the Delta Track family provides the horsepower you need for managing a large scale operation.

MFWD Row Crop Tractors

The Versatile MFWD tractors are industry leading, full-featured tractors with almost 20 years of field proven performance. Available with 260, 290 or 310 hp, the Versatile MFWD tractors are powered by the Cummins QSL9 engine that delivers a combination of power, economy and performance. The Cummins QSL engine is matched to a smooth shifting powershift transmission that has 16 forward and 9 reverse speeds with operator programmable features designed to match your work requirements.

Application Equipment

The new-for-2014 Versatile line of self-propelled sprayers builds on the success of the past and was fully developed and engineered by Versatile. Manufactured by Versatile in Willmar, Minnesota, the new Versatile self-propelled sprayers represent the evolution of Versatile and set the benchmark for features, operator comfort and convenience.


The RT490 is a new 490 hp Class VIII combine from Versatile. True to the heritage of Versatile, the RT490 was designed to be rugged, reliable and simple to maintain and service. At the core of the Versatile RT490 is the revolutionary Rotating Concave Rotary System. A 360° concave wraps around a large rotor and counter-rotates. The counter rotation of the concave in relation to the rotor creates an unsurpassed threshing and separating area. Three separate “pinch points” are created during each rotor revolution allowing the grain to be threshed three times in each rotation.

Precision Seeding

Versatile Air Drills have been proven accurate and are simple to operate and easy to maintain. Designed for consistent seed depths in a variety of field conditions, Versatile Air Drills maximize germination and ensure uniform emergence.


Offset Disc - Versatile offset discs are available in three weight classes ranging from 550 lb/ft to 1050 lb/ft. Designed to be stronger and last longer Versatile discs feature extreme duty bearings and optional interlocking 1/2 spools and the industry‘s strongest and tightest gangs with steel fabricated spools torqued to an impressive 3,200 ft-lb.

Tandem Disc - Versatile tandem discs are built to handle trash and incorporate heavy residue. Utilizing a one of a kind floating hitch, Versatile tandem discs leave a more level finish when compared to competitive units.

Cultivator / Chisel Plow - Versatile cultivators, chisel plows, and chisel cultivators feature a full floating hitch to maintain a constant working depth. Available with trip force of 350, 550, 600 and 650 lb (159, 250, 272, 295 kg) and in working widths from 23' 6" to 60' (7.2 m to 18.3 m) there is a Versatile cultivator to meet the needs of every operation.

Versatile Precision Ag System

Envizio Pro - With a single field computer, you enjoy increased efficiency, cost savings and reduced fatigue. Envizio ProTM has an easy-to-use touchscreen and features a multiproduct control VRA. It’s all-season capability is perfect for planting, spraying, harvest and tillage. You also get simple and advanced mapping, data and application reports. Envizio ProTM is also Slingshot®-ready, which means you have access to Slingshot® GS as a scalable option as well as Raven’s remote live support team.

SmarTrax - This unique hydraulic-assisted steering system enhances high speed operation by offering faster line acquisition, correction for changes in soil condition and implement pull. SmarTraxTM and SmarTraxTM RTK offer across-the-board GPS compatibility, 3D terrain compensation nd automatic system calibration along with Slingshot-compatible RTK correction signals.

Raven SCS - Raven SCS consoles are specially designed to match your application needs reliably and economically. The SCS5000 has a five-product capability for liquid, granular and NH3 application for up to 10 sections.

Slingshot - Raven has propelled precision ag to an entirely new level with this innovative product. Slingshot® delivers unrivaled connectivity through cellular networks for access to a groundbreaking system of RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities, precision ag equipment and instant in-field support and service.

AccuBoom - Control input costs with AccuBoomTM automatic section control. Greater fuel and chemical savings, faster spraying times, ease of operation and more accurate spraying improve our return on investment every season. AccuBoomTM has automatic on-off control for up to 16 sections, adjustable look-ahead function to adjust for overlap, speed compensation, and an optional remote control to help check nozzles quickly.

Application Controls - No matter how advanced or basic your application control system needs to be, Raven brings you the most respected products in the world. From control valves, flow meters and fluid transfer systems to spray consoles, NH3 applications and direct injection systems, Raven’s dedicated to improving your input.

SmartYield Pro - Producers who tested SmartYield™ Pro side by side against factory installed force-plate technology consistently commented on ease of calibration and spatial accuracy of SmartYield™ Pro. Data analysis post-harvest is validating these comments with most customers preferring to use their Raven yield data vs the yield data generated by their factory installed equipment.

Slingshot® Ready - When you use the revolutionary Slingshot® RTK/Online Service with SmartYield™, you have access to seamless data transfer capabilities. Real-time communications and data sharing with any computer anywhere ensure better decisions and more productivity in the field. And Slingshot® gives you access to live remote support from Raven's team of experts.

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